Logo Redesign Campaign

This was an entire class project as a false campaign to redesign a soda can brand. This is by no means an actual campaign.

This was the Logo that we were set to redesign. It took a lot of brainstorming with my classmates in order to create a new logo for a company called “polar beverages”. In the end it was my logo design that won out in the votes.
These were the Logo design sketches that I had personally created. I wanted to keep with the brand of a simple style polar bear, so all the sketches turned for that. I also realized that the company we were pretending to re-brand was also a family company, which is where the two bear design came in. In the end we decided for the simplistic face of a bear, right under the mountain design.
These were the refined logo designs. The class noticed that the Polar Beverages Company had a ribbon under the logo, so we decided to add a ribbon into it. I added one oddball in the group that had the ribbon torn up, as polar bears can be messy. And the class loved the design, but wanted it merged with the bands in the ribbon next to the torn up ribbon.
In the end, this was the final refined product of the logo. And this is the logo we stuck with for the rest of class, as it was the logo everyone liked the design of the most. So with that, it was onto can designing.