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The type of art that I use is Digital Art mixed with cartoon elements. I do traditional art on occasion, which is pen, pencil, and inking. But Digital art mixed with cartoon elements is my current art style. Digital art started in the 1970’s and has had many names to describe the process, but mostly created at a computer.

Digital art is under an umbrella term of “Media” art, and at one point was not considered art at all. Since it wasn’t based on pen, paper, paint, or ink, it was not considered art, but eventually became its own art style. The main way digital art is used is through mainstream media in advertisements. It is also uses by film makers to produce visual effects in order to make a better looking film.

The creator of digital art is Andy Warhol using a “Commodore Amiga” where the computer was introduced at the Lincoln Center in 1985. An image was captured and digitalized into a graphics program called “ProPaint”.

Some people believe that digital art is purely computer generated, but that is not the case. It ends up computer generated, but often times can be produced from a scanned photograph or an image drawn using vector graphics.

There are multiple forms if digital art ranging from 2D to 3D imagery. There is also animation included into digital art, as it’s created through digital means nowadays.

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The art that I make primarily consists of comics and anthromorphic characters and doing the majority of the work digitally. I enjoy creating my works and I enjoy taking the time out of my day to relax and draw. I am used to doing things digitally as it has almost become second nature to me, and doing such things digitally often helps keep my workspace clean. Keeping my workspace clean also helps on projects I dabble in, such as sculptures, as it makes it to where I have more room for them and less room being taken up by the artwork I create. Doing digital art makes it seem less stressful as you can always go through multiple layers to get a good piece, while traditional means such as paint, ink, pen and pencils do not really give you much of an option, and if you mess up, there’s no way to really undo what you’ve done.

With digital art, you can create what you wish, and if you mess up on a part of it, you have a chance to undo it if it’s within a stroke or two, or erase it all like there was nothing there to begin with. You have more room for design as you can scale images to where you need them to be, and make it to where there’s less work in the long run making the image, as there would be less to erase and less to actually hide. Digital art also helps make logos such as the AT&T logo, as it uses vector graphics so that the image can scale and be far less difficult to make it look clean and neat.

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